The antics continued on Day 6 of the 777 Tour, as journalists were deprived of sleep and (still) any appearance or word of Rihanna since Mexico City. Shortly after the London gig shown above (more on that later), one journalist started posting 'Missing' flyers around the plane, which included a cheeky description ("Rihanna was last seen November 14 on a Boeing 777 giving champagne around. She has not been seen or hear from since. She sports numerous tattoos.") and listed her height in metrics.

Look, we get it. All of us signed up for this knowing we wouldn't get any exclusive sit-down interviews, but we were hoping to get some more appearances from the 'Unapologetic' singer, who was sharing the same 777 Boeing plane with us for six days (so far). Yes, her concerts -- like London -- were fantastic, but if we reported exclusively on that it would be so repetitive (it's basically the same set list every night, give or take 1-2 songs). Even a quote or another speech on the intercom would have confirmed that she actually wanted us there.

While Rihanna was nowhere to be found, her chill band members Nuno and Adam put on an impromptu show in the front of the plane with a tambourine. It seemed a bit odd to us, and then we later found out from one of the flight attendants that Rihanna was supposed to do an acoustic show on the plane too, but decided not to. So instead, Nuno and Adam got the nearby crowd to sing along to Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' and Bon Jovi's 'Livin' on a Prayer.'

This was not quite what we signed up for.

Rihanna must have finally understood our frustration and apparently heard about the flyers, because she sat down in the front of press area of the plane (where US Weekly was sitting) to apologize: ”I know you guys got barely any dirt,” she admitted to them. “But I had to be good. I still sound like sh–. It’s impossible to spend time with everybody, and I’m sorry I didn’t."

She thanked everyone for being there, and then gave a shootout to the streaker: "I want to see the naked Australian!" She sure missed a good show.

But before Rihanna could say anything else, one of the flight attendants said that if we did not sit down so they could land the plane, they would have to do another loop around the Newark airport. "OK, I'm getting up because you guys are being bad!" Rihanna apparently said. We're sure it was intended to be sarcastic, but to those of us who have collectively had about 14 hours of sleep on this trip, it seemed to come off kind of b----y.

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Her London concert -- held at the HMV Forum on High Gate Road and streamed live on various outlets -- went very well. The London crowd seemed more enthusiastic than previous crowds on tour, so much so that Rihanna gave them a shootout following her performance of 'Talk That Talk.' "You guys are so freaking excited," she said. "I and my 777 tour have been waiting to get here." Some other highlights of the night were: the flawless crescendo at the end of 'Wait Your Turn'; her vulnerability in 'Stay,' which sounds better live than on the record; and the umbrellas fans popped open during her performance of the Jay-Z-assisted hit.

The one hiccup during the live stream was during her set of 'Where Have You Been.' A minute into the song, we noticed the drummer was off a beat, but then when her backup singers came in a half of a measure to early, we held our breath. Apparently Ri noticed something too: "Allright, what the f---. Stop this s--t. What the f-- is that? Why is the track off from the band?"

She continued and apologized to the crowd and for those streaming the show: "This is the bulls--- we deal with when we're doing an around the world rock 'n' roll tour. With no rehearsals and shit. I apologize for everyone at home right now screaming live on LoveLive and Jay-Z's Life + Times. We're gonna start this one again from the top."


The afterparty was upstairs at the venue, and included a bunch of Brits from Roc Nation and Universal that just came out for the night. RiRi unfortunately did not show up at the gathering, which was sponsored by Budweiser and U.K.-based clothing shop River Island. (BTW, River Island has the best clothes!)

Basically, London recharged our batteries -- specifically our rooms at the Grosvenor House which included marble bathrooms and fuzzy bathrobes and slippers -- so that we could endure the strength to make it through another red-eye and onto her seventh and last concert tonight at Webster Hall in New York. Rumor is that there is going to be a big guest appearance -- the obvious would be Jay-Z (since 'Umbrella' is on the set list) or Kanye West (who does a killer 'Diamonds' remix), but we're hoping it will be Eminem -- we love him on the song 'Numb'!


Then, we depart at 3AM for London's Stansted airport (STN) (where Obama always flies in and out when he visits London).

777 Tour London Set List:
1. ‘Cockiness’
2. 'Birthday Cake (Remix)'
3. ‘Talk That Talk’
4. ‘Wait Your Turn’
5. ‘Man Down’
6. ‘Only Girl in the World’
7. ‘Don't Stop the Music'
8. ‘S&M’
9. ‘Phresh Off the Runway’
Acoustic Set:
10. ‘Unfaithful’
11. ‘Take a Bow’
12. ‘Hate That I Love You’
(End Acoustic Set)
13. ‘Where Have You Been’
15. ‘Run This Town’
16. ‘Live Your Life’
17. ‘All of the Lights’
18. ‘Stay'
19. 'Diamonds'
20. ‘Umbrella’
21. ‘We Found Love’

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