Robert Pattinson may be as sensitive in real life as his 'Twilight' character is onscreen. The British heartthrob loves making music, but is hesitant to share it with anyone else because of the potentially harsh criticism he might face.

This news comes on the heels of Pattinson's rep putting a kibosh on talks of a solo album.

E! Online reports that while Pattinson recorded two tracks ('Let Me Sign' and 'Never Think') for the first 'Twilight' film, don't expect to hear many more just yet. "I mean, maybe one day ... I'm always playing and recording but I don't know," Pattinson said in an interview with TF1. "People hate when actors become musicians so I've been avoiding it for the longest possible."

R. Pattz shouldn't be so hard on himself! Not all screen-to-studio transitions are awful. Just look at Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez -- and even his co-star Jackson Rathbone.

If what we've heard so far is any indication, Pattinson shouldn't have much to worry about. Edward Cullen may not have a soul, but Robert Pattinson sure does -- and you can hear it when he sings.