This winter on 'Glee,' Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) will return to McKinley High, bringing with him ... His mother?!

Yep! Like we told you last week, the hit FOX show was on the hunt for a maternal figure for the soon-to-return star, and it seems they found one! 'Guiding Light' soap famer Tanya Clarke has been cast to portray Sam's mama Mary Evans alongside 'Smallville' actor John Schneider, who will act as Sam's father. Sam is alleged to be making his return in December, as Clarke is slated to appear on the Dec. 6 episode and may become a recurring character, according to Inside TV.

Gleeks everywhere lashed out internally when the trouty-mouth blond Bieber said farewell to the show 'for good' following his strong run in Season 2. Ryan Murphy took the easy way out, writing the Evans family off by saying Mr. Evans got a new job elsewhere, sending Sam packing. We're not quite sure how he'll be re-introduced (as a season regular, no less), but perhaps daddy will relocated once again ... Right back to small town Lima, Ohio.

In any case, we're stoked to see that we've got Sam episodes on the horizon. 'Glee' continues Tuesday, Nov. 8 with 'The First Time.'