Here at PopCrush, we obsess over all things pop just as much as our readers do. Every week, you’ll be able to get to know us a little bit better as we gush about our personal favorite pop culture-related things at this very moment. Read on to find out what our editors are crushing on this week!

  • Taylor Swift Commenting on Fans' Instagram Pictures

    Taylor Swift gives Swifties the kind of artist-fan relationship that every die-hard hopes for, whether it's surprising a fan at her bridal shower or visiting a sick Swiftie in the hospital. But her latest stunt -- leaving heartfelt and hilarious comments on fans' Instagram pictures -- blows everything else out of the water. Taylor is known for the sincerity in her lyrics, but we love how her authenticity translates into every single thing she does, which just so happens to include leaving funny one-liners and inspirational advice to fans on Instagram. - Michelle McGahan, Associate Editor

  • Ed Sheeran's 'The Man'

    It pretty much goes without saying that every song Ed Sheeran touches turns to gold. However, he's at the top of his lyrical game in 'The Man.' The beat is rocking, the lyrics are emotional and vivid, and Ed sounds amazing. In short, it made the wait the album totally worth it. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor

  • Emma Roberts' New Haircolor

    I love a girl that isn't afraid to experiment with her hair. As of late, Emma Roberts has been rocking a fierce bob. Whether on the red carpet or grabbing coffee, being chic is like her default mode. She recently ditched the blonde color in favor of a chocolate hue, and it totally works. Not everyone can jump between colors like that, but Emma, well, crushes it. - Maggie Malach, Senior Editor

  • Miley Cyrus’ Love for Her Fans

    Miley Cyrus has earned a bit of a bad rap lately. She’s living her life to the fullest right now — if the fullest equates to topless selfies and smoking joints on television — and not everyone agrees with her choices. This week, I’m choosing to focus (and crush) on Miley’s good deeds for her fans. This past weekend she sent an incredibly touching video to a young dying fan, who saw her personal message from the ‘Bangerz’ star just hours before she passed away. And that isn’t the first time Miley has made such a sweet gesture towards a fan. If you search ‘Miley Cyrus fan’ on PopCrush, you'll come up with a ton of stories on Miley reaching out to fans. No matter what personal choices she’s made, it’s clear the singer loves and adores her fans and she goes out of her way to prove it. I’m totally crushing on Miley’s love for her Smilers. - Mandi Salerno, Associate Editor