Those lovely British glamazons in the Saturdays performed 'What About Us' on 'The Wendy Williams Show' and the fivesome graciously sat down for an interview with the host, as well. They talk about how only one member is single, who's the biggest diva among the group, and do a Britney Spears' impression, sort of.

Rochelle Humes is seven months pregnant and Williams joked that she was saying, "Please, not here," while Humes performed. Rochelle joked, "I'd be like,'Wendy, catch!'" Despite being far along in her pregnancy, she was still a pro.

They spoke about Mollie King being the only single member of the band. "I'm taking one for the team," she said, since girl groups are usually more marketable when they are unattached and seem available.

Mollie did acknowledge the rumor that she was dating Prince Harry, but she chalked it up to a speculation that grew from the fact that they are "just friends" who never dated.

Who is the supreme diva in the Saturdays? It depends on what time of day it is, says Una Healey, since they all hate mornings. So that means they are all divas. Mollie takes the longest to get ready, so she is probably the biggest diva, in terms of fashion.

Mollie can also do an American accent, and she says it's her Britney Spears accent. While she is able to mask her English accent and sound somewhat American, she doesn't sound like Brit Brit, since she is speaking without the southern twang. It was still cute.