As Australian DJ/producer tyDi takes his music to the world, PopCrush will be bringing you behind the scenes tour videos along the way. Check out the first installment, which follows the 24-year-old star as he takes the stage in Seattle and shares footage from interviews and even from inside his hotel room.

The clip opens with a concert scene showing tyDi standing in front of a massive crowd. He tells them, "This is just the beginning," and that could be a metaphor for his own status within the EDM world. The performer born Tyson Illingworth has been one of his home country's top DJs for a few years and is attracting crowds across the U.S. these days.

Next up is a radio interview, where tyDi talks about his insane touring schedule, which requires 20-hour intercontinental flights on a regular basis. He explains his sound by saying, "My latest album 'Shooting Star' covers everything from chill-out to acoustic stuff, there's progressive, there's even pop breaks, some kind of dubstep influence. It's all over the place. I try not to box myself in."

The video continues with a peek at his huge hotel room in Las Vegas, which has its own bar, and a look at his "new studio," a white room that has been covered with polka dot stickers. He leaves us with a melody performed on what might be the world's most colorful piano.

Stay tuned to PopCrush for weekly updates from tyDi's tour, and watch for him in concert throughout the month of June in the U.S. and Canada.

Watch the tyDi Tour Video No. 1