Aussie DJ/producer tyDi is back with his brand-new album 'Redefined' -- and he just dropped the lyric video for the title track!

While tyDi is the mastermind behind the song's irresistible beats, Melanie Fontana (who co-wrote Justin Bieber's 'Home for Christmas') belts out the lyrics to the crazy catchy EDM tune.

"Revealed the mystery, rewrote my history / When I had half my truth, found the rest in you," she sings on the upbeat chorus. "Got the ability to take a broken dream / And with a four-letter word redefined what it means."

The lyric vid is a whirlwind of bright, neon shades and bold fonts interspersed with clips of tyDi performing in front of huge crowds. Not only do the shots hype up the audience, they give the lyric vid an epic buildup that just makes you want to dance.

To put it simply: You just can't sit still when you're jammin' out to tyDi. Check out the 'Redefined' lyric video above!

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