Australian DJ/producer tyDi is back with his upcoming, brand-new album 'Redefined' (which you can buy here), so of course we had to ask him just how he defines himself. Fortunately for us, he shared five things even the most hardcore fan might not know about him.

One of our favorite tyDi revelations? He's a die-hard fan of some pretty awesome bands, like Blink-182 and Dashboard Confessional. In fact, he even has a Blink tattoo on his wrist and worked with Dashboard's Chris Carrabba on his upcoming album! We have to say, that's pretty badass.

Another fun tidbit? The Aussie DJ also revealed that he talks in his sleep -- a fact he found out because flight attendants have laughed at him after waking up on planes. Embarrassing? Kind of. Hilarious? Obviously.

Want to learn even more little-known facts about tyDi? Check out the video above!