Does a four-girl group called 4th Power have this season of the United Kingdom's X Factor in the bag? Don't be so sure...

Yesterday (October 4), video of a recent audition featuring an artist named Havva was posted to YouTube, and the shop assistant seems meek as a mouse while introducing herself to the audience. Never one to mince his words, Simon Cowell demands that she snap out of it before she kicks off her set.

She does.

In the clip above, and after a few select guitar chords, the 21-year-old dives right into "No Diggity" with a unique tone that makes Cowell smile, and leaves Rita Ora looking shocked. It's a mix of suspended, smoky notes and razor-sharp rap breaks, and by the performance's end, the women competing against Havva—who watch on from the side of the stage—look like amateur swimmers who just watched Michael Phelps take his spot in the pool's far lane.

While a standout, Havva's not the first X Factor contestant to take on the Blackstreet track. In 2010, Cher Lloyd performed "No Diggity" and fashioned it into a seamless mashup with "Shout." She may not have won the competition (neither did One Direction, who were also Season 7 contestants), but she certainly won the judges over with her rendition of the the song.

Check out the audition above, and tell us if you think Havva has got what it takes to go to the top!

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