On tonight's 'X Factor' semifinals episode, the final four performed songs chosen by the fans as well as one chosen by their mentors. At this stage in the competition, the judges no longer vote, and each hopeful's fate is up to the American voting audience. While you vote, consult PopCrush's handy recap, which details each performance so you can make an informed decision about the final four.

The Boys:

Marcus Canty: The suit-clad, three-time "Save Me Song" champion Canty tackled Boyz II Men's R&B ballad 'I'll Make Love to You' and brought sexy back. His second song was George Michael's 'Careless Whisper.' He turned this '80s ballad into an uptempo dance song with his live remix and bright white suit.

Chris Rene: He soared with his lazy, hip-hop flecked rendition of Sugar Ray's alt-rock anthem 'Fly' from the '90s. It's a chill, reggae-inspired anthem that fit Rene like a jigsaw puzzle. For his second song, he sat at the piano and played Alicia Keys' 'No One.' It was refreshing. We loved the cardigan and tie, too! He doesn't have the best voice in the competition, but he makes these songs his own. His late father would be proud of his efforts. His mentor L.A. Reid said it best: Rene has is lovable. That's why he's the dark horse.

The Girls:

Melanie Amaro: She took on Mariah Carey's feel good power ballad 'Hero.' Yes, we know, she has a diva voice. But it was a safe choice. For her second song, Amaro sang Nina Simone's 'Feelin' Good,' and it was the absolute perfect, unpredictable selection for her. Most of Amaro's performances are technically proficient, yet lacked soulfulness. This rendition seeped soul.

The Over 30s:

Josh Krajcik: He returned to the classic rock well once again and performed 'Come Together' by the Beatles. It was a strong and simple performance. His second song was Leonard Cohen's 'Halleljuah.' It was a spare and aching rendition that likely pushed the singer right on through to the finals.