Each of the Top 3 performed two songs on tonight's penultimate episode of 'X Factor.' The first song was a duet with a famous star, and the second song featured each member of the final trio on their own. The latter was their $5 million song, if you will, since a recording contract of that size is at stake. Before you vote for which contestant deserves the $5 million contract, consult PopCrush's recap detailing each performance, and then make your informed decision from there.

The final trio also performed Michael Jackson's 'They Don't Care About Us' with the robots from the Cirque du Soleil show featuring the King of Pop's music. They were stomping, well-choreographed robots with dollar signs on their chests. The trio sang at the top of the stage about a minute in. It was cool and, well, different.

Melanie Amaro: The final female performed 'Fly' with R. Kelly, but she didn't exactly soar until they began the duet portion of the song. They bounced off one another deftly, but R. upstaged Mel a little bit. It was the first time he's ever performed the song as a duet. She offered up Beyonce's 'Listen' for her second song and it was a flawless rebound.

Josh Krajcik: He performed Alanis Morissette's aching ballad 'Uninvited,' backed by a simple piano and Morissette herself. The escalating tempo coupled with Krajcik's husky pipes competing against Morissette's vibrato muddled the song. Morissette called him "a very soulful man." His second song was a rock 'n' roll cover of Etta James' soulful torch song 'At Last.' He made the song his own and looked every inch a rock star.

Chris Rene: He was joined by pop punk princess Avril Lavigne and it felt like she was featuring him on one of her songs. It was a fun, entertaining combo that felt like Rene enhanced a hit song that already exists. While the song is Lavigne's biggest smash, it still felt new and fresh with the added element of Rene. He performed his original 'Young Homie' as his second song, and it was brilliant as a performance and in its overall execution.