The remaining seven 'X Factor' hopefuls were tasked with performing Michael Jackson songs. That's like hitting the jackpot on a reality talent competition show, but it's also some big loafers to fill, since Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers and performers ever born.

Adding to the pressure was the fact that the final seven had to perform in front of the Jackson brothers, mama Katherine Jackson and Michael's three children, Michael, Paris and Blanket. Uh, change the title of the show to 'Stress Factor' at least for tonight.

Also, remember that the Groups category has been eliminated altogether.

Two contestants will be sent home tomorrow, so it was crucial to do the King of Pop right. PopCrush is happy to provide this handy recap, which you can use as a "cheat sheet" if you decide to vote. Yeah, you're welcome.

The Boys:

Marcus Canty: He rebounded with his on fire version of 'P.Y.T.,' which is short for 'Pretty Young Thing.' Sporting a white vest that looked like something Jackson would have worn, Canty was like Jackson incarnate, with the moves and the voice.

Chris Rene: He added an original rap part to the Jackson 5's 'I'll Be There.' With a clean-cut image and that winning smile coupled with his dreamy voice, Rene reminded us that he is not just a singer. He's a performer and you know what performers have? Yep, the x factor.

Astro: He remixed the 1991 hit 'Black or White' and updated it, effectively modernizing a classic pop song for a new generation. Well-done, once again, with an original rap.

The Girls:

Melanie Amaro: As expected, her big-as life voice inhabited 'They Don't Care About Us' flawlessly, but she reminds us of 'American Idol' singer Pia Toscano, who was talented, but left us wanting a little more passion and fire. The judges disagreed, saying she was the best of the night.

Rachel Crow: The fearless ball of energy performed the Jackson 5's 'Can You Feel It' and it was throwback-y in the most charming way. She looked smashing in her silvery jacket and pumped up kicks. L.A. Reid said he didn't quite "believe" her performance this time out.

Drew: She took 'Billie Jean' and made it her own, by sitting and not using props. The judges did ask this supremely talented teen to try an uptempo song next time and we'd like to see that from Drew, too, even though she has that adult contempo thing going for her.

The Over 30s:

Josh Krajcik: He was nervous and felt unprepared, but he turned in a smoky-voiced, unique rendition of 'Dirty Diana.' It was not his best perf, as he stepped out of his comfort zone and was way out of his element and it didn't sound like the same song. L.A. said he landed on his feet and learned how to find comfort in discomfort.

Tune in tomorrow at 8PM ET to find out which two are going home.