Proving once more that they're in it to win it, Stereo Hogzz put on a killer performance tonight on 'X Factor' -- with a surprising song choice.

The group chose Christina Aguilera's 'Ain't No Other Man' and stayed loyal to Xtina's concept of the video, donning classic suits and fedoras while they sang and danced their way across the stage. After Stacy Francis' performance left much to be desired in this realm, the Hogzz's competence in doing both simultaneously was key. The boys are more than capable of complicated choreography without sacrificing their ability to hit and sustain their notes -- though, to be fair, this may be because there are more voices as a whole.

The performance was as tight as we've come to expect from Stereo Hogzz, whose work ethic the judges consistently praise. Trey's last note could have been stronger, but Stereo Hogzz are still the group to beat, and the judges know it -- even if they don't quite know the song they just heard.

Take L.A. Reid. "Last week was a tough week for you guys, but you came back this week," Reid said. "This is your recovery week, but you did a song that I'm not that familiar with. You did a great job, you looked amazing, I'm just not that familiar with the song."

Thankfully, the rest of the panel knew the track well. Nicole Scherzinger loved the set so much that she could barely muster words for it -- well, except one. "Bananas," Scherzinger said. "On the real, all I gotta say is 'bananas.' This was my favorite performance from you yet. It was smooth, sharp and the choreography was slick."

Of course, Simon Cowell couldn't leave Scherzinger's commentary alone. "'Bananas,'" he scoffed. "You're really digging deep." Cowell offered some constructive criticism for the group without being snarky to them. "I think your choreography and work ethic are amazing," Cowell began. "The problem is you're not performing the record you would make." He has a point -- we can't see these guys covering 'Genie in a Bottle' next. As Cowell put it, "A recording group has to become less cabaret."

Paula Abdul defended her most prized proteges. "This sits right in the vein for movie week," Abdul said, somewhat indignantly. "This is a great song for them. These guys have been working so hard."

Abdul is certainly right. Stereo Hogzz have been working extremely hard. Here's hoping they just as hard next week with a better song!

Watch Stereo Hogzz Perform 'Ain't No Other Man' on 'X Factor'