Frontman Jared Leto is doing some reflecting on 30 Seconds to Mars' two-year-long world tour, which reached 300 concerts with a last night's show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Leto tells Entertainment Weekly that even the band is amazed at what they've accomplished since they first set off to promote the 'This Is War' album.

"People were dumbfounded that we’d want to be on the road [this long]," Leto says, "but I think if people experienced what we have been experiencing, which is exposure to different cultures and people and places around the world -- [they'd understand] this really unique journey that we’ve had. It’s really inspiring and exciting."

The band has reportedly performed for nearly three million fans during the globe-spanning trek. "When people bring these things to our attention, our mouths are open,” Leto says. "We’re not pumping our fists in the air. We’re kind of saying, ‘Holy sh--! How did this happen?’ We’re really humbled by it all.”

The Guinness Book of Records has declared 30 Seconds to Mars' tour the longest ever for a single album cycle. Cher's Farewell Tour actually included 326 dates, but evidently that doesn't count because she took months off at a time, while 30STM have been going at it non-stop. "I think the longest break we had was two weeks," Leto says.

Leto has hinted in the past that the group might be calling it quits once the tour ends, but the guys are at least planning on a new live concert film in 2012 documenting their journey. Now that the tour is finally coming to an end, Leto is satisfied.

"We were all talking the other day about how lucky we feel to be in a place at the end of such a long tour where we feel inspired and invigorated and in good spirits," he said. "Being able to share what we do continuously for over two years now is one of the greatest experiences of our lifetime, and we’ll always look back on this time as one of the most special periods of our lives.”