The beautiful insanity of Los Angeles is captured in Thirty Seconds to Mars' new short film (aka extended music video) 'City of Angels.' The film features Kanye West, Selena Gomez, Juliette Lewis, Lindsay Lohan and more, all of whom espouse their love for the magical promised land – those are Olivia Wilde's words —that is L.A.

The video is full of confessionals, both funny and serious. Actor Corey Feldman says something incredibly powerful -- that the screwed up people move to L.A., while the people who were born and raised there are less screwy.

Yeezy also said something important -- that the city took his mother but gave him his child, showing the full circle nature of life, not just L.A.

The city is the maker and destroyer of dreams. There's also celeb impersonators, LiLo confessing that she has disappointed herself and Gomez musing about her image as a "fame whore."

Overall, it's a love letter to the city that is loved and hated with equal passion.

The opening scenes run for about two minutes before the video kicks in, featuring the band and shots of the city. More celeb interludes are sprinkled throughout.

The short film was directed by frontman Jared Leto.

"'City of Angels' is a short film about this wild, weird, and wonderful land, Los Angeles, California," Leto said. "A place that has left its mark on the world’s imagination and a place where dreams can actually come true."

Leto continued, "I made this short film so I could share my thoughts on this incredibly special place and talk to others about theirs. It’s not so much about this particular city but more about the people who inhabit it. This is for the dreamers who know that sometimes the impossible is indeed possible."