30 Seconds to Mars singer Jared Leto has always been known for his good looks, stemming back to his days as the broody, dreamy Jordan Catalano on 'My So-Called Life' -- that's why it was so jarring when his pretty face was beaten to a pulp in 'Fight Club.' Leto's prettiness cannot be denied, especially when he poses for a steamy spread in the December issue of the UK version of Vogue. Yes, ladies, he does go shirtless!

Leto is very comfortable with his manhood, as he wears a black skirt with pants and sneakers. Dudes wearing skirts aren't nearly as subversive or as sexually nebulous as they once were. He is also going sans shirt in that shot, too!

We personally dig the shot where he's wearing a denim jacket -- no shirt! What, is he trying to copy Jacob from 'Twilight?' -- and screaming, with a big mop of hair topping his head. It's such a lively shot that it jumps off the page/screen.

Leto was shot by Terry Richardson, the same photographer who took pictures of Leto a few weeks back. Richardson was also granted unheard of access to Lady Gaga for her forthcoming photo book. Go Leto's site to check out all the photos from the spread. Lookin' good, right?

Leto remains as dreamy as he did the day he first popped up on TV. Who knew he would go on to become such a bonafide rock star/magazine model?