50 Cent is taking his hunger relief campaign straight to the Internet. The altruistic rapper has teamed up with the United Nations World Food Program to feed one million children this week, and he's using Facebook to achieve his goal.

Here's how it works: For every person who 'likes' Fiddy's Facebook page for his energy drink Street King, a child will get fed in the world. If he gets a million likes by Sunday, 50 will donate an additional one million meals.

"People who want to help fight hunger are not being asked to donate or pay anything to help," says 50 of his digital campaign. "It’s real simple. All they have to do is 'like' the Street King page on Facebook and I will give a meal to a hungry kid."

You heard 50 -- it's real simple. So click on that 'like' button so 2 million children can get fed this week.

The Facebook campaign is part of 50 Cent's worldwide effort to end famine relief. The rapper's ultimate mission statement is to feed a billion people over the next five years. He's certainly on his way to achieving that goal. Keep it going, 50!