Pft! That Madonna. She is such a tease.

Madge has issued another minute-long preview clip from 'MDNA.' Today's snippet is for 'Superstar,' which reportedly features her daughter Lourdes. It's not clear exactly how the teen factors into the song, but the prevailing speculation is that she's a background vocalist. When Madonna is your mom, these type of opps present themselves.

The first few seconds of the preview are hard and semi-industrial, with crunchy effects and more distortion on the Material Girl's vocals. But then it morphs into a frothy, fun dance cut where Madge coos "You're my gangster" and "You're my angel" before belting out a few "Ooh la las." We think she says "You're Abe Lincoln," too, because "you fight for what's right." We're already planning to play this at our backyard BBQ on Memorial Day.

It's another sexalicious taste of 'MDNA' and at this point, these teasers are like foreplay. They get us all hot and bothered, and leave us wanting more, more, more. Something tells us that was Madonna's intention. Like we said earlier, the biggest pop star on the planet is a tease. But she's earned that right. We're all just willing playthings in her world.

Listen to 'Superstar' Snippet

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