In this list of the Top 10 Music Tattoo Fails, PopCrush counts down the absolute worst tattoos fans have inked on their bodies to honor their favorite pop stars. This list contains some of the most horrific, random and creepy tattoos pop fans have tatted on their skin. While some of these look like drunken mistakes or like they are meant to be funny, some of these tattoos seem to be meticulously calculated tribute pieces that just turned out to be completely ridiculous. Check out these cringe-worthy pics of the Top 10 Worst Music Tattoos.

  • 10

    Incredibly Lame Miley Cyrus Tattoo

    Not only does this guy's tattoo lack creativity, it looks like he got the ink while serving time in the slammer. This can't be true, though -- a Miley Cyrus tattoo would not fly among a group of angry inmates.

  • 9

    Scary Christina Aguilera Tattoo

    Most people weren't feeling Christina Aguilera's 'Bionic' album -- except for this person, apparently. Seriously, out of all the beautiful Xtina pics there are out there, why would you choose this terrifying (and bald!) dominatrix image from her 'Not Myself Tonight' video? It's done well, but it is still one of the worst music tattoos in our book.

  • 8

    Feminine Justin Bieber Tattoo

    Even though there is a whole website dedicated to women who look like Justin Bieber, we have never seen the singer looking more feminine and awkward than in this tattoo. The worst part? This is inked on the leg of a middle-aged man.

  • 7

    Possessed Avril Lavigne Tattoo

    OMG, Avril! What happened to your face?! Lots of people like to zombify pictures of their favorite celebrities (example here), but this tattoo looks like the haunting aspect was added totally by accident and unintentionally. We'll see you in our nightmares, terrifying Avril Lavigne face.

  • 6

    Ugly Katy Perry Tattoo

    Nobody would kiss this girl, that's for sure. This Katy Perry ink job lands on our 10 Worst Music Tattoos list because it looks nothing like the gorgeous songstress! Sure, that is the outfit Katy wore on her 'Hot N Cold' single cover, but that's the only reason we recognize this pic of Mrs. Russell Brand. Whoever has this tattoo needs to get a refund.

  • 5

    Cheesy Will Smith Tattoo

    This dude pays homage to Will Smith's super cheesy 1998 song 'Miami' with a tattoo that looks like it was scribbled on by a 3-year-old. Not only is the tattoo horrible, it's completely random, with Smith's caricature laughing as he chows down on a burger and snacks and spills some ketchup. The answer to your question is no, we don't get it either.

  • 4

    Homely Hanson Tattoo

    Wow. Just wow. The Hanson brothers are a very good looking bunch, but somehow a tattoo artist has managed to morph them into beastly creatures that look like they belong in a scene from 'The Hills Have Eyes.' Zac looks like a crazed woman and Isaac has a massive double chin / looks like he hasn't slept in years. Taylor is the most well represented of the trio, but he still looks like he is up for a role in the next 'Zorro' flick. Worst Hanson tattoo EVER.

  • 3

    Disturbing Michael Jackson Tattoo

    Where do we even start with this one? This guy probably got this tattoo to try and get a few laughs, but this Michael Jackson / Macaulay Culkin tattoo is just plain old creepy. Who would ever want this unsettling illustration permanently tarnishing their body? This is one of the worst music tattoos ever for obvious reasons.

  • 2

    Horrifying Spice Girls Tattoo

    For some odd reason, this man decided to get the 'Spice' album cover tattooed across his robust belly, and it's absolutely repulsive. The Spice Girls have never looked so bad, making this No. 2 on our worst music tattoo list. What's even weirder is that that tattoo on his arm is of DeVotchKa lyrics, who are a gypsy punk / folk band. This guy has quite the eclectic musical taste.

  • 1

    Bald-Headed Britney Spears Tattoo

    Britney Spears' infamous public meltdown is forever immortalized on this person's body. Remember when Brit Brit went cray cray and shaved her head? It looks like this person was inspired by Britney's notorious bald-headed, umbrella attack, since her face is pretty terrifyingly intense. See that crazed look in her eye? This tattoo is surely one that will scare the kiddies.


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