We can imagine the deafening screams that will erupt globally when One Direction fans read that headline. The fivesome is currently staging a British boy band invasion in the U.S., which includes a chat with Inside Edition's special correspondent, 14-year-old Mikaela (daughter of anchor Deborah Norville), for a frank discussion about many topics.

But the most important topic: Would Harry Styles (the flirt), Zayn Malik, Liam Payne (who adopts the fatherly role in the band), Niall Horan (the carefree one) or Louis Tomlinson date a fan?

“It can be quite difficult [dating]… We always get asked if we would ever date a fan. I think we probably would," Malik admitted.

Styles concurred, "Yeah … you like someone when you like someone!"

O to the M to the G. You hear that ladies? You could be lucky enough to date a member of One Direction. We recommend that Directioners in New York City and Chicago take note, since those are the cities the boys claim to like best since crossing the pond.

While boy bands are often victim of "flavor of the month" fickleness and come and go, One Direction believe they have the goods to stick around and have a long and fruitful career. "For us, it’s important to make good music," Payne declared.

The boys claim that they can differentiate themselves from the pack of boy bands that are currently gaining steam -- hello, the Wanted and Big Time Rush! -- due to their nature. Brits are always a little cheeky, and One Direction carry on that tradition of humor. It's actually what got them somewhat associated with another boy band of yore. "I think when we first started out, a lot of people compared us to the Monkees just because we got into a lot of mischief," Styles said.

Watch the One Direction Inside Edition Interview

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