Just when you thought it was safe to tweet again, another Twitter feud has erupted on the popular social-media platform. Rhyme-spitters 50 Cent and French Montana engaged in a little tit for tat on their timelines Friday (Nov. 30), according to MTV News.

Apparently, the 'Pop That' MC didn't like Fiddy's accusations that he helped the G-Unit leader diss DJ Khaled during their feud a few years back. Frenchie went on Twitter and challenged 50 to an album sales contest.

"@50cent if u really about Dat life lets drop our album da same day and see who sell more u had your turn old man," he taunted. French then dropped this zinger, "#Dunkeykong should send @Eminem & @adamlevine flowers for TRYINN to save his career come catch this fade monkey." Ouch!

50, who is always up for some laughs on Twitter, fired back at French with this tweet: "LMAO @Frenchmontana gonna find out what we already know. Puffy gonna run like a b---- you on ya own boy." For those who don't know, French is signed to P. Diddy's Bad Boy Records label.

50 and French have been verbally sparring at each other since October. It all started when French called Fiddy a "donkey" and named himself the most important artist on Interscope Records. 50 responded by alleging that Frenchie provided him with the footage of DJ Khaled's mother sleeping on the job that he used in his 2009 viral dis video 'A Psychic Told Me.'

No word if 50 will accept French's challenge to drop his album on the same day as his.

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