Rapper 50 Cent offers his first visual from his new mixtape 'The Big 10' and introduces us to his latest G-Unit signee, a female rapper named Paris, with his new video for 'Queens, NY.' The rap vixen is from Fiddy's New York neighborhood of South Jamaica, Queens and has been rolling with the G-Unit crew since 2008.

In the clip, directed by Jackson Smith, we see Paris rapping grimy lyrics surrounded by her goons in the club. "It the loca / Caramel mocha / B---hes is on their sofas / I'm takin' ova / You're now rockin' with the best mama," she raps.

50 follow suits as he gives a warning to those who don't follow the G-code if they step into his neighborhood. "We are on that gritty city s--t / New Yawk, New Yawk / You come through on some pretty s--t / Get outlined in chalk," he snarls.

The video is shot almost entirely in shaky-camera mode, giving it a schizophrenic vibe much like their tough neighborhood they talk about in the songs. Paris' lyrical flow will certainly remind fans of Lil Kim's persona from her early days at Bad Boy (circa 'Hardcore' album). Overall, Paris has enough swag and bravado to make a name for herself in the rap game.

To download 50 Cent's mixtape 'The Big 10' follow him on his official Facebook page.

Watch the 50 Cent, 'Queens, NY' Video Feat. Paris