British Summertime in Hyde Park is a fun series of events held in the massive outdoor space of Hyde Park over a few weeks in June and July. We popped down to the pre-Pride show headlined by pop sensation and gay icon Kylie Minogue, and this is what we learned.


The diversity of the line up was an inspiring encapsulate of the massive strides for equality we have made. Bright Light Bright Light, MIKA and lead singer of Years & Years, Olly Alexander, all hit the stage proving that artists can be open about their sexuality in 2015 and still be massively successful. Meanwhile, the three main headliners -- Nile Rodgers, Grace Jones and Kylie Minogue -- are all well over 45-years-old, yet still managed to have the crowd at peak fervour. We’re not sure what demographic Foxes hits, though. Otherkin, perhaps?


Years & Years are being hailed as the big breakout act of the year, though they’ve actually only had one proper hit. If there was any doubt about the sustainability of their success it was eradicated at the weekend as the crowd went crazy for just about every song on their setlist, not just No. 1 single "King." Even Kylie couldn’t resist shimmying side of stage and dancing along to their electro-soul jams. Years & Years are A Thing, for real.


It seems like only yesterday we were cackling about MIKA and his, frankly, frightful duet with pop poppette Ariana Grande, but watching his performance on Sunday (heavily weighted with material from his spectacular debut) we were reminded what a fun and colourful part of the pop landscape he is. The new material wasn’t half bad either. Good to have you back, MIKA.


If we had the god-like producer hand of Nile Rodgers, our arrogance would be so off the scale we would make Justin Bieber look like a meek and mild boy scout. It’s astounding that he remains so sweet and nonchalant about the fact that he’s had a hand in a veritable smorgasbord of game changing, genre-defining pop music. The finale performance of "Good Times" saw Nile & Chic joined on stage by a whole posse of white people that couldn’t dance, including Sam Smith and U2’s The Edge. Only a truly humble man would allow such unworthy humans to share his stage.


We all know what backlash Madonna gets for so much as breathing over the age of 50, never mind for giving us a lil’ cheeky flash of T and/or A, but ain’t nobody stopping Miss Grace Jones, no one would even dare. She performed her entire set with her boobs free and painted, she swore, rode a security guard through the crowd, confided that her "p---y lips were getting cold" and then, three songs later, declared in an iconic follow up to THIS moment in Britney Spears history — “My p---y is still hanging out! I need a new seamstress.” By the way, she’s 67. Your fave could absolutely never.


Despite her unseasonable Bavarian winter cape that she wore for the first number, Kylie did not put a foot wrong for her entire show. Gliding effortlessly from banger to banger, she performed a full set including fabulously dressed dancers, stunning backdrops and fun choreography. Her introduction to an unexpected cover of "Bette Davis Eyes" was a really nice reminder that even pop stars who seem like they’ve been everywhere and done it all have little personal milestones still to achieve. And although "Into The Blue" isn’t the show closer we would have chosen, she was still the perfect pop star end to a perfect pop star day.

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