Drake released his first track with the late Aaliyah, 'Enough Said.' How does it fare?

Probably better than most people expected.

"Can't you talk to me? / Tell me what you need," Aaliyah pleads over a soft, somewhat minimalist beat. Yes, Drizzy can. The Toronto-bred MC, who has a tattoo of the fallen starlet on his back, spits an entire verse on why his life is tough, asking, "Is this even a discussion?" he rants. "Don't you ever wake up disgusted? / Every million I get an enemy or a cousin." Aw, Drake! Your life is so hard!

The track sounds like traditional Aaliyah, with the stunner's signature smooth, soft vocals. Early in the tune, Drake asks, "What's up?" over and over like a hype man who doesn't know how to listen, while Aaliyah harmonizes with herself, dropping her signature coos over "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah." The song doesn't sound like it'd be out of place next to her hits like 'Are You That Somebody' or 'Rock the Boat,' though it's most reminiscent of 'We Need a Resolution.'

However, some would argue that there are some elements missing that would otherwise make it a classic Aaliyah track -- and those elements are Timbaland and Missy Elliott (or, as others may argue, R. Kelly). Timba made it known that he doesn't approve of the Young Money pinup boy producing or releasing Aaliyah's music without himself nor Elliott involved, as they were her best friends and most frequent collaborators.

Regardless of who morally or ethically should have created and released Aaliyah's music, we're simply happy to hear it -- Drake indeed did a pretty good job on 'Enough Said.' The song is an easy listen, though we do wish Drake would find something else to rap about. Considering how much he adores and admires Aaliyah, we think her memory deserves a little more than another set of rhymes about being rich.

In any case, Aaliyah's voice, presence and charisma will never die -- though hearing her again does make us with "YOLO" wasn't true, because we certainly do miss her.


Listen to Aaliyah Feat. Drake, 'Enough Said'

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