Adam Lambert is the only person in the video for his sweeping new single 'Better Than I Know Myself' -- but he fights an internal battle, so we're treated to two of him. And that's it. There are no other characters in the clip. He just plays himself twice. It's Adam Lambert, actor.

Adam No. 1 is the familiar Glambert, with his signature black guyliner, spiky hair and all-black ensemble, including a strangely futuristic leather jacket with some serious shoulder pads. He's the destructive one, playing with fire (literally), boozing it up, drowning his sorrows and sulking. His scenes are shot in dark tones.

Adam No. 2 is clean cut, sans any makeup. He wears a brown robe, draws or writer in a journal, sips from a coffee mug, does yoga, dances and sings while wearing headphones, is fond of smiling and seems generally more stable and happy than his counterpart. His scenes are brighter, and with a golden hue to them.

Both Adams are holed up in their urban chic apartments (with oxygen tanks as props or décor). When the screen splits, showing each man's life, there's clearly some sort of internal battle going on. One is Adam's past, the other is Adam's present and/or future. It certainly got us pondering.

The clip is highly stylized and gothy noir. Would you expect anything less from Adam Lambert?

As the sole character, he does a terrific job carrying the load. He's captivating, interesting and the song is so catchy and easy to relate to. He's got a hit on his hands.

Watch Adam Lambert 'Better Than I Know Myself Video'