The first taste of Adam Lambert's new album 'Trespassing,' due out March 2012, is upon us in the form of the first single 'Better Than I Know Myself.'

Glamberts should be thrilled with this sexy, moody anthem, which is built around a backbeat and a distorted, treated vocal in the verses. There's pretty piano melodies, too. Also, Lambert positions himself in a bit of an R&B lite mode in some parts. Are we crazy, or does some of his crooning in the verses remind us a wee bit of Joe Jonas? Just a hint? Lambert is definitely branching out and experimenting with his sound on his upcoming sophomore set, if this song is any indication.

Lambert's big and bold voice soars in the chorus, as he happily and proudly celebrates the person that knows him better than he knows himself and a love that is stable and strong. He even acknowledges, in a verse, "I know it gets hard sometimes / But I could never leave your side / No matter what I say." He then sings, with conviction, "If I wanted to leave / I would have left by now / But you're the only one / Who knows me better than I know myself." The song recognizes that love ain't easy, but in the end, it's worth it for an abundance of reasons.

Overall, 'Better Than I Know Myself' is a lush, sweeping mid-tempo song about an enduring love. It fits Lambert, who certainly captures attention when he walks into a room. There's almost a bit of nu wave influence in some of the synths in the song, especially in the fade out. It leaves us wanting to hear more of what Lambert serves up on the full album.


Listen to Adam Lambert 'Better Than I Know Myself'