We've seen a lot of different sides to Adam Lambert. As a contestant and eventual runner-up on American Idol, he was both a seasoned entertainer and moving balladeer. Since his time on the reality show, he's been a force on the dance music scene, a champion for gay rights and even a guest star on Glee. 

But here's a side of Adam we haven't seen before: his super toned side! The singer posted a shirtless selfie from the gym yesterday, and it's clear from the photo that Adam's hard work is not going to waste. He boasts buff arms and a toned midsection.

The photo features Adam sitting on a piece of gym equipment and flashing his cell phone toward the gym's mirror to capture the shot. It looks as though Adam's signature jet-black hair has been dyed a lighter shade of brown, and he wears it swept down along his forehead. It's a big change from his usual spikey-haired look and we must say, it looks great.

When he's not working out hard at the gym, Adam performs with legendary rock band Queen. Adam, or "Glambert," as he is known to his fans, toured Europe with the band and recently made his stateside return.

The incredibly talented singer keeps us updated via Twitter, where he routinely posts updates about his work with Queen, praise for other musicians and check-ins at the gym. The latest shirtless selfie is only proof that his frequent trips to the gym are definitely "working out" for him.

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