Adam Lambert is currently working on the follow-up to his 2009 debut, 'For Your Entertainment,' and succeeded in hyping up fans on Sunday when he tweeted lyrics from two new songs from the forthcoming LP.

"Want some more lyrics?" the 'American Idol' star asked his 1.2 million followers. He then tweeted three lines from two separate tracks. "I'm swingin off of my hinges, I'm cocked and I'm ready to go," he first wrote, followed by, "All along, I tried to pretend it didn't matter if I was alone...."  Finally, he tweeted, "Lost inside communication breakdown, better just read my lips. Comin' in clearer when we get down. iceberg. Just the tip."

In July, the singer debuted a new song called 'Outlaws of Love' during a live concert in Quebec, Canada, which is expected to be on his next release. Since then, Glamberts have been grasping at any new material they can find.

Lambert says his new record's vibe will be unlike his debut. “This album is different in that [it] has a more serious tone,” he told Us Weekly. “This album has a thread of honesty in it that is real and personal.” A release date has not yet been set for the star's currently untitled new project.