Adam Lambert songs find the crooner working with the crème de la crème of pop producers and songwriters: Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Shellback, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Pink. Even so, it is Lambert's over-the-top, room-filling, boisterous and beautiful vocals that have made him the star that he is.

Lambert never shies away from big, bold bombast and he shouldn't, since it works for him. But at the end of the day, he can sing like nobody's business, like a true diva.

Lambert has been on the pop music radar since 2009, but in four years, he has assembled quite a few hits and pop gems, and endeared himself to his diehard congregation of fans. He was the first openly gay artist to have a No. 1 record – 2012's sophomore set 'Trespassing' — and he continues to mix flash, panache and sass on record and on stage.

To celebrate the 'American Idol' contestant turned superstar, we've collected the Top 10 Adam Lambert Songs, which you can see below.

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    This 'Trespassing' track is Lambert's version of disco. It cuts a deep groove and in turn, you can cut a rug on the dance floor. It has a heavy rock influence and grittier-than-usual vocals. Turn it up and get down. It's as goofy as it is good. Don't pretend like you don't grab a hairbrush and sing this one in the mirror when you're feeling silly.

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    'If I Had You'

    Authored by prolific songwriters Max Martin and Shellback, this razor-sharp, synthed-out track from Glambert's 2009 debut, 'For Your Entertainment,' is about as EDM as the singer has gotten in his career. There's a roughness to the beats and the production on this Top Adam Lambert song, but it's all held together by the singer's vocal acrobatics.

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    'Naked Love'

    Another 'Trespassing' track that is a vehicle for Adam Lambert's outstanding voice, 'Naked Love' is an uptempo, synth-y song that never interrupts, derails or gets in the way of his vocals. Lambert's voice is truly his best asset, although he might argue that it shares equal billing with his fabulous hair. Nevertheless, it's a feel-good toe-tapper.

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    'For Your Entertainment'

    The title track of Lambert's debut is a banger and is also one of the singer's most solid forays into the dance genre. Anchored by a staccato beat that just won't quit, this Top Adam Lambert song reminded fans what they loved about the singer on the small screen during 'Idol.' It is full of escalating tension, but the whole thing goes down smooth.

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    An electro pop ballad from his debut, 'Sleepwalker' is one of the best Adam Lambert tracks because he is able to funnel so much heart and feeling through his voice. It really is a conduit for emotion. He exercises some restraint in the verses, and that's okay. We already know he can hit the highest of notes, so when he tones it down, you're left going, "Is there any vocal pattern that this guy can't tackle?" The communal choruses are warm and inviting, laced with some new wave tones.

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    'Better Than I Know Myself'

    'Better Than I Know Myself' was the lead single from 'Trespassing,' a Dr. Luke-generated, pop-rock tune with moody overtones that really let A. Lamb's voice soar -- hence, the emotion of the lyrics translate perfectly. He has the power and the song doesn't offer him the choice to restrain it. It cuts down the window-dressing and lets Lambert be the star. He does a flawless job of distilling the emotion in his heart into his voice and the lyrics. It's also a statement about sticking with someone through the good and bad, since you are practically one with them.

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    Written by Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari, 'Fever' is a sexy, sultry Adam Lambert song with a crawling beat. The singer's vocal versatility is on full display here. He gets low and dirty in the verses and then turns it up and lets it rip in the chorus. You can totally tell that Gaga wrote this, thanks to the melody lines, which are distinctly Gaga-like in nature. Lambert doses the song with loads of sass, but he never overdoes it.

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    The title track of his chart-topping 2012 release is a percussive, foot stomp and hand clap-fueled anthem. Lambert's associations with Queen – he has performed with the legendary classic rock band on more than one occasion -- are felt in this track, which loosely reminds us of the band's anthemic work like 'Another One Bites the Dust,' only with slicker, glossier pop sheen. Lambert delivers his vocals in rapid-fire succession and with plenty of soul.

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    'Never Close Our Eyes'

    The second single from Adam's sophomore album was penned by Bruno Mars, among others. We'd be lying if we said we didn't hear the crooner's influence. This Adam Lambert song is an uptempo dance tune fueled by melodic pop stylings and positive lyrics. Lambert is super theatrical on the track, but then again, when isn't he? It's his calling card and he doesn't stuff it in his back pocket; he uses it effectively.

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    'Whataya Want From Me'

    'Whataya Want From Me' was written by Pink for her album 'Funhouse,' but it was ultimately cut from the final track listing. However, Pink's trash was Glambert's treasure, as it became his biggest hit, his signature song. It's catchy and anthemic, like most of Lambert's fare. It also makes effective use of his massive voice. Come to think of it -- Lambert and Pink aren't so different. Both have terrific spiky hair and big, powerhouse vocals. This top Adam Lambert song certainly doesn't feel like a castoff, since he took it and made it his own.

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