Adam Lambert glams up the cover of gay publication 'The Advocate' with his signature spiky, inky black coif and his liberal usage of smoky black eyeliner. Fab doesn't even begin to describe how this former 'American Idol' contestant looks on this cover.

The Lamb, in addition to looking fly in the photo spread, revealed some key deets about his new album, which has since been bumped to 2012. He told the publication that it's more personal and it's latticework of sythn-pop, electro-funk and singer-songwriter vocal styles. That's quite a few hybrids, but Lambert can handle hop-skotching across genres. He even dropped Nine Inch Nails and George Michael as influences! Our eyebrows weren't the only ones raised. He even acknowledged the strangeness, saying, "I know that’s a weird mash-up, but that’s what it feels like."

There is one common thread, though! "It’s all very personal, even on upbeat, fun tracks … I think it’s going to let people underneath my facade a little bit — a self-created and totally admitted facade. I’m trying to convey to my audience that you really can’t judge a book by its cover, and there’s more to the universe than you can see with your eyes. It’s like existential pop."

Existential pop? Let's hope Lambert is studying at the Lady Gaga school of pop music in order to pull that off. We are excited that he's peeling back and letting us see what's really lying beneath the surface.

Glambert also admits that his last album was a bit dramatic, but he is not apologizing for it. He said, "The last album was a little bit more of a fantasy escape…even my image for that last album felt very theatrical and kind of over-the-top and intentionally tacky. I get a kick out of making artistic statements that are kind of ridiculous."