Adam Lambert treated attendees at Thursday night's NewNowNext Awards to a performance of the title track from his upcoming album, 'Trespassing.'

Lambert was the biggest star at the awards ceremony and acted like it, owning the stage with swagger and attitude as he sang the in-your-face track. "Now I ain't got B.S. in my bag / That's the one thing you can believe / My heart is gold, my body is glass / Come on baby, can't you see," Lambert sang.

The song had more of a rock edge than the album's lead single, 'Better Than I Know Myself,' with electric guitars, stomping drums and hand claps supporting his vocals. The song was built around the sing-along hook, "Well I was walkin' for some time when I came across this sign / Saying, 'Who are you and where are you from?' / We don't like when visitors come / 'No Trespassing,' that's what it said / At least that's what I could read / No Trespassing? Yeah, my a--! / Wait 'til you get a load of me."

Near the end, Lambert even utilized a confetti cannon, which created so much debris in the air the cameras had a hard time picking up the singer. The NewNowNext Awards air tonight (Apr. 9) on Logo. In addition to Lambert, Neon Hitch and Neon Trees will take the stage, while Kelly Osbourne serves as host.

Watch Adam Lambert Perform 'Trespassing' at the NewNowNext Awards