We are pretty stoked to bring you 'Adam Lambert Twitter: 10 Random Accounts He Follows on Twitter.' Just like we did with Rihanna, we will be taking an in-depth glance inside of Adam Lambert's Twitter activity and the accounts he keeps tabs on.

It's really interesting and fun to take a peek inside celebrity Twitter accounts. It's basically like a free pass to stalk their page and judge them on who they follow, and who doesn't love doing that? (If you don't, you're lying.) So we're back again, this time with Adam Lambert.

The 'American Idol' alum has almost a million and a half followers, but is only following 508 people, which is like.... a crazy percent difference. We're writers, not mathematicians... we'll win the Pulitzer one day. Anyway, take a look and see 10 random accounts that Adam Lambert is following on Twitter. Maybe you're on the list! ...But probably not (unless Kevin Spacey is reading this).