Funnyman Affion Crockett is often dead-on with his zany impressions of music artists and celebs. From Jay-Z to Michael Jackson, no one is safe when Crockett gets an idea and video camera. His latest target is none other than in-demand artist Drake. The comedian pokes fun at Drizzy's bushy eyebrows in his hilarious parody video of the rapper's song 'Headlines.'

In the video titled 'Headvines,' Affion spits outlandish lyrics about the two strips of hair growing above Drizzy's eyes. In one scene, we see Drake get his eyebrows braided by a hair stylist. Guffaw!

"All of this hair above my eyes / I never looked surprised / I even tried to lay them on the side / That's the way they grow / they grow, they grow, they grow," he comically raps.

We also see Affion portray Drake picking his eyebrows with an Afro pick and in one scene he actually loses one brow. "I had some one tell me that one fell off / Oooh, I needed that / They just want to see me pick it up / Where I leave it at?" he raps.

Affion Crockett is downright funny and his 'Headvines' clip is a fantastic piece of comedy. Honestly, we love Drake's hairy eyebrows. Hopefully, he won't shave them off after watching this video.

Watch Affion Crockett's 'Drake 'Headlines' Spoof' Video