His new album looks like it won't be out until at least September, but Afrojack isn't wasting any time whetting your appetites for new music -- or hedging his bets when it comes to landing high-profile guest stars to help him score a few more hits.

All of which is to say that he's just dropped the video for his new single, 'As Your Friend,' featuring vocals from chart-topping pop sensation and all-around social media darling Chris Brown. And while Brown was otherwise occupied when it came time to film the clip, Afrojack got around his absence the old-fashioned way -- by hiring a bunch of scantily clad dancers to distract viewers with their fishnet-covered hind quarters.

This video's NSFW, in other words, but if you enjoy a little booty-shaking (and/or fireballs, and/or inexplicable cameos from live eagles), you won't want to miss 'As Your Friend.' Plus, it has a good beat and you can dance to it.

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