In her effort to become the Queen of House Music and go legit, Paris Hilton -- the former reigning champion of the "famous for being" famous celebutante scene -- has begun working on house style electronic music with  Afrojack, an artist who is famous for being really good at making house music. A sliver of the live, unfinished demo of Hilton's collab with Dutch-born Afrojack, dubbed 'Good Time,' is online now (thanks to MuuMuse) and it's potent enough to get the club set grooving.

It doesn't suck, either. We know, shocking! Hilton has put the shoes and the fragrances aside and is paying her DJ dues, quite literally.

While Hilton made her foray into pop music a few years ago with the forgettable pop fluff album 'Paris,' she is being a smart business woman by recruiting talent to help her. She is making a concerted (and valiant) effort to be legit and garner cred by working with  a bunch of massive DJs. Granted, she also has a bottomless pocket with which to pay them for their services, but she is paying to surround herself with the proper peeps in order to make a go of it.

In the teaser clip, P Hilt purrs seductively in a breathy voice that she could have learned when she was hanging out with Britney Spears for a hot minute a few years back.

The song supposedly debuted at the Sun City Music Festival in El Paso last week.

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