At the beginning of 2015, hip-hop star and pop crossover Akon announced that he would be releasing not just one but five albums within the coming year, all under the Stadium moniker. Each album would represent a different genre: Euro, Pop, Urban, Island, and World. In combination with his announcement, he released five singles simultaneously on YouTube, all of which have since been taken down.

As of November, however, that five-album model has since been condensed to four, according to Akon's official website. The albums are now Island, UrbanWorld, and House and apparently will only be available via the Stadium app that he has created.

Following previous single "Stick Around," an island-infused collaboration with Matoma, Akon is back today with a new track titled "Want Some," featuring DJ Chose.

"Want Some" features a lazy summer kind of beat, complete with whistles and mattress-creak sound effects. Lyrically, the song describes a relationship that involves its fair share of fights but ultimately has the girl coming back because she "wants some," at least from Akon's perspective. "I can tell when you want some," he sings. "Go to sleep half-naked / Throwing hints that you want some / Starting fights in the night for attention / Girl, you want some."

Whatever her intentions may be, Akon makes a point to tell us that the girl in question is perhaps a bit too (?) in touch with her sexuality with the cringeworthy lyric, "You get horny too fast, girl / I can feel your fluids." DJ Chose's guest verse is no less explicit, making references to steamy sleepless nights and masturbation.

So, what's your take: should "Want Some" get added to our Sexiest Songs of 2015, or is it too much for you to handle?

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