For seven years, actress Joanna Kerns played Maggie Seaver, wife to Alan Thicke's Jason Seaver, on the beloved TV sitcom Growing Pains.

On Wednesday, December 14, Kerns released an official statement reacting to the actor's death and reflecting on her years spent working alongside him.

"Alan was a true and loyal friend," the actress wrote. "As Maggie and Jason Seaver, we experienced more than a life-changing success together. When you pretend to love someone day after day, year after year, you see all their faults and foibles and learn to accept them as they are, separate from you, and there is a connection that happens that is hard to explain. I had that with Alan. Maybe that’s what marriage should be, the ability to love without judgement and the strength to remain separate.”

Kerns also revealed her personal nickname for Thicke—Al—and why she loved to call him that, sharing, "I loved Al. I called him Al because it really bugged him. He thought it sounded like an old man’s name. He hated it, but the cast loved it and unfortunately for him, it stuck."

"Alan loved everything youthful: women, sports, music, and above all, his beautiful and talented sons, Brennan, Robin, and Carter," she continued. "There was a sweetness and kindness to his humor. No one could make fun of Alan better than Alan. As an actor, that is a gift, and I truly believe he was underrated."

"I am devastated by Alan’s passing and will be for some time," Kerns expressed, concluding, "I used to joke, before I met my real husband, Marc, that Alan was my favorite daytime husband. At work we laughed all day, everyday at things Alan would come up with, usually at my expense. It was fun. Alan was fun and we all loved teasing each other. Alan kept me calm and when I’d start to get upset about something silly. He would set things straight, give me a big hug and very gently say, 'Maggie… don’t be an a---ole.'"

Classic Alan Thicke.

Thicke tragically passed away after suffering a heart attack on Tuesday, December 13. He was 69 years old.

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