Is a popular TikTok conspiracy theorist really missing?

Fellow TikToker Tristian Galindo (@tristiangalindo) made a video in which he questions where viral social media personality Moe Othman went.

“I wanna see if anyone else remembers this,” he began. “When COVID started here in the U.S., there was this guy who had millions of followers throughout all of his platforms, and he deleted all of his other platforms except for TikTok, and he made a series of videos.”

In the since-deleted videos (but some have been reposted to other accounts), the conspiracy theorist warned his viewers for what is to come between 2020 and 2026. Galindo shared that he watched all of his videos regarding it, which totaled to roughly 70 and 80.

"But I remember watching all of his videos. And I was terrified because of things he was saying made sense. And I almost made like a mental checklist. So anytime anything happens, I'm like, 'F--k, he said that,'" he added. Othman seemingly predicted or eluded to the COVID-19 pandemic, Diddy's downfall and the Quiet on Set documentary which revealed the misconduct behind the scenes of Nickelodeon.

Galindo recalled that one of Othman's final videos before his disappeared (at least from social media) he was crying and told his followers that he and his wife and their three children were going to disappear. However, he said that he would return in 2029 and reveal who was responsible for the seemingly premonitions that he would relay to his followers.

“He would refer to these people as ‘uppers,'” Galindo continued. These people helped the conspiracy theorist gain notoriety online and then had him delete all of the platforms aside from the most popular one.

“I kid you not, everything this man has said so far has happened,” he added but noted that all of the original videos online aren't found. People in the comments section immediately knew who he was talking about, Moe Othman.

“Omg yesss, Moe Othman, he use to make so many videos on what was gonna happen & they literally came true but he ended up stopping & making regular content,” a user replied. “I think they scared him into submission.”

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