We know the duo won fans over during their stint 'The X Factor,' but it's pretty clear they also won the Internet today. (After all, they did make #AlexSierraPopCrush a U.S. trending topic!)

So what exactly happens when Alex & Sierra take over your Twitter account? Well, for starters, they kick things off by sharing the cutest GIF ever! The duo cracked us up with some of their replies, especially by naming the mythical creatures they'd want to be for one day, their opinion on Hannah Montana and their, um, favorite elbows.

Of course, they also dished out some pretty helpful advice, including how they deal with haters. And for all you fans who want to know every detail about their careers, Alex & Sierra spilled on their pre-show ritual (Hint: It involves R. Kelly.)

Check out the highlights from Alex & Sierra's PopCrush Twitter takeover below!