One lucky music fan had a major dream come true when she got to spend the day with Alex & Sierra! Alexis Cabrera was awarded the experience of a lifetime when she won the 'X Factor' duo's Up Close contest.

Alexis was handpicked by Alex and Sierra after creating a video showcasing her artwork and explaining why she's such a major fan of the 'Scarecrow' singers. So what exactly does her prize entail? Oh, just getting some quality time with Alex and Sierra in Tampa, Fla. And did we mention penguins are involved?

Luckily, the group filmed the day's excursion for us so we can see exactly what it's like to hang out with Alex and Sierra. (Hint: It looks like so much fun.) Not only did they get to pet penguins, but Alexis was serenaded by the duo themselves afterward. Pretty much our perfect day in a nutshell.

"I was expecting them to be really nice because I've met them briefly before, but hanging out with them was totally different because they're just real people and they're like one of my friends," Alexis said. "I could just hang out and talk with them, so it was very natural. It was a great day."

You can check out Alexis' amazing day in the video above. Be sure to catch Alex and Sierra on tour with Andy Grammer. Click here to see dates and get your tickets!