Top o' the mornin' to ya, PopCrushers! In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we're not just rocking our kelly green shamrock earrings, we're also bringing you holiday-themed content from our interview with Alex & Sierra!

Fortunately for us, Alex & Sierra were kind of the perfect people to talk to about all things St. Patty's-related, considering Sierra is a world-renowned Irish step dancer.

"One of my favorite memories [of Irish step dancing] was going to the world championships in Ireland," the singer and insanely talented dancer told us. (She won!) Plus, she totally gushed about the country itself: "Ireland is just really beautiful."

The adorable duo also dished on their lucky charms and superstitions.

"Sierra got me a necklace of St. Christopher and since I've got it, I haven't been in an airplane crash!" Alex joked. "But I've never been in an airplane crash…"

And while Sierra revealed that she has "a hundred different things that could be considered lucky charms, one of them is bound to actually be lucky," she also admitted that she's a little superstitious — as in, she won't walk under ladders. "I have to read my entire fortune cookie before I eat them or else I think it won't come true."

The X Factor champs saved the best for last, revealing that their pre-show ritual consists of a shot and singing an R. Kelly lyric so dirty they jokingly refused to tell us what it was.

"All of the band, we all put our hands in and then we'll all say a chant and then jump [and say] 'R. Kelly on three!'" Alex recalled. "[Then we] sing R. Kelly and then take a shot."

When we asked the name of the song, both Alex & Sierra played a little coy.

"I forget the name of the song," Alex told us, laughing. "I don't think we should say it."

"It's probably not even appropriate," Sierra chimed in with a laugh.

Of course. All the best ones aren't.