Whoa! Major changes in Pop Clash this week! Last round, Alex & Sierra's 'Scarecrow' beat out three-time winner 5 Seconds of Summer's 'Amnesia,' blocking the Aussies from entering the Pop Clash Hall of Fame. This week, 'The X Factor' duo face off against Jacob Latimore's new single, 'Heartbreak Heard Around the World.' Who should win the Pop Clash?

From its opening beats, Alex & Sierra's 'Scarecrow' is super catchy. We love how light and breezy their voices sound. It's perfect for summer! And although the song has some serious undertones, the duo bring a positivity that we can't resist.

Jacob Latimore's 'Heartbreak Heard Around the World' is equally infectious and also tugs at our heartstrings. It's hard to resist Jacob's incredible voice and even harder to understand how his lady could let him go. The verses are filled with emotion and build into an energetic chorus that perfectly captures the emptiness of heartbreak.

Who should win this week's Pop Clash? Vote for Alex & Sierra's 'Scarecrow' or Jacob Latimore's 'Heartbreak Heard Around the World' once an hour until the polls close on Aug. 4 at 3PM ET.

Watch Alex & Sierra's 'Scarecrow' Video

Watch Jacob Latimore's 'Heartbreak Heard Around the World' Video