One way to combat Republican congressmen's deep-seated misogyny and relentless quests to disenfranchise American women? Write a sketch in which they are repulsed by the mere mention of "vagina" or "pap smear."

On last night's Season 4 premiere of Inside Amy Schumerthe titular comedian continued to address gender politics with a segment that found clueless GOP cronies at the helm of a gynecologist's office. While The House Committee on Women's Health demanded control of the medical center, its all-male staff refused to do any of the related work (vaginas are yucky, after all), and Amy's annual pap smear quickly devolved into a trial teeming with insults and judgments.

"I think we have a better idea than a bunch of sciencey nerdles," an old-as-dirt rep insists in the clip above.

"You mean doctors?" Amy asks in earnest.

The group of men proceeds to — begrudgingly — ask the new patient a series of routine questions in archaic ways: When was the date of your last lady curse? How many blood diapers did you use? How many men have you laid with in the last year? One grimaces at the mention of "cervical cancer." Another hands Amy a lollipop when he mistakenly infers she's a virgin.

It's funny, you'll laugh, but then you'll remember that as recently as March 30, likely GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump said that there has to be "some sort of punishment" in the event abortion is ever sought, so. Oh, and as recently as two days ago, Iowa lawmakers approved a plan to defund Planned Parenthood. Cool times.

Watch the clip above, and tell us what you thought of Amy's Season 4's premiere episode.

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