Comedian Amy Schumer is no stranger to red carpet scrutiny, which she puts on blast in the latest hilarious promo clip from Inside Amy Schumer. The clip, titled "Love Your Smile," finds our blonde heroine as she laments losing a red carpet gown Who Wore It Better? poll with a pathetic 2% rating. Her opponent? A literal dog who goes by the name "Shagilene Dogley," giving new meaning to the phrase "bitch stole my look."

Luckily, her friend Allie is on hand to helpfully point out that it's her "glaring flaw" that is holding her back: No, not her possibly-maybe lower back tattoo, but her "garbage" smile. (Ouch.) Amy's bestie quickly sends her off for a consultation with David, the Smile Guy, who's worked with everyone from Julia Roberts to Annette Bening. While inside his office, David—played with smarmy aplomb by Inside Amy Schumer writer and Girls' actor Jon Glaser—instructs Amy to smile for him over and over again, scrutinizing her perfectly acceptable (and in many cases, quite naturally charming) grin each time before demanding, "No! Again!" After a while, she begins to lose her cool with David's less-than-helpful non-advice.

Finally, Amy nails it with a ridiculously toothy "cock and smile" technique that helps her step up her step-and-repeat game just in time for the Golden Globes. It's a biting commentary on red carpet culture, the judgement our society places on women's appearances, and the unnatural action of smiling for the camera. And if this clip doesn't contain enough Amy to keep you satisfied, you can catch the actress in the Judd Apatow-directed comedy Trainwreck, out July 17 or see her open for Madonna at select Rebel Heart Tour dates this fall.