Amy Schumer has no qualms about tackling issues like ageism, sexism and rape culture through a comedic lens. Her latest Inside Amy Schumer sketch holds a mirror up to the entertainment industry by calling out its ridiculous double standards when it comes to women and aging.

The sketch sees Amy taking a stroll in the park when she comes across what looks like a celebratory lunch attended by Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette. When Amy asks what they're all doing there, Patricia answers, "We’re celebrating Julia’s last f--kable day." Julia then goes on to elaborate, saying, "In every actress' life, the media decides when you finally reach the point when you're not believably f--kable anymore." By the end of the sketch they push Julia away in a rowboat, mimicking senicide folklore -- though in the sketch, Julia's really just going home.

It's a pretty sharp commentary on the fact that women are often viewed as less desirable as they age (the decline often begins somewhere around age 30), whereas men can be actual corpses and still be deemed attractive and worthy of affection.

The sketch is a little heavy handed, but the truth is every woman has either experienced something similar or will experience it eventually. For some of us it's expressed in subtle ways (there's a reason so many women stop celebrating their birthdays past a certain age) and for others, it's more obvious (like when you're on a date with a guy who tells you that "women intrinsically lose their value past age 26." Thanks, Tinder).

Check out the full sketch above!