A painting dripping in Amy Winehouse's human blood was sold for $56,000 at an auction on May 11. The event was held at Sotheby's auction house and organized by rocker Pete Doherty, who is trying to reinvent himself as a bohemian artist.

The painting, titled 'Ladylike,' is purported to represent Doherty's former band the Libertines and has some of his blood on the picture, as well. The bloody artwork was expected to fetch an estimated $80-130,000 but fell short of its projected goal.

As shown on Soul Culture, the piece of art features several different images including a self-portrait of Winehouse painted in the late singer's own plasma with the word "ladylike" beside her. There's also a blue eyeball and other scrawlings depicted on the picture, as well.

Along with the painting, Doherty's personal items like used guitars, furniture, clothing and lyric sheets handwritten in his own blood and more were up for auction. According to a press release, Doherty created the auction to help promote a desire to "spurn convention in favor of a bohemian ideal."

What the bloody hell?

A portion of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which helps at-risk youth. Although all of this sounds a little macabre, at least the monies went to a great charity in memory of a phenomenal singer.