Well before she had completely descended into the addiction that ultimately took her life, Amy Winehouse was a masterful performer. Footage from her performances always showcase her incredible talent, rather than the tabloid antics for which she became notorious. One of her best-loved tracks is 'Tears Dry on Their Own, and recently released video from Vevo shows the raspy-voiced lioness performing a devastating rendition of the track at an Irish music festival.

The performance, recorded at Ireland's Other Voices festival in 2006, sees Winehouse singing 'Tears Dry on Their Own' to an intimate crowd of only 70 fans, sporting her signature dramatic black eye makeup and an all-black outfit. The singer truly had a style all her own in both the fashion and music departments.

Backed only by guitar, without the usual accompaniment of a drummer, the song sounds gentler and jazzier than ever before — and her husky vocals, which are as effortlessly soulful in this performance as always, take the spotlight over the instrumentation. As she sways to the sound of her own voice, it's easy to remember why Winehouse became such an iconic artist — and why her legacy will be so enduring.

Watch Amy Winehouse Perform 'Tears Dry on Their Own' Live at Other Voices in 2006