Here's something we can't wait to see! Andre 3000 will portray Jimi Hendrix in a biopic slated to begin shooting next month.

The film, titled 'All Is by My Side,' will begin shooting in Ireland this June per the Irish Film and Television Network (via Fuse). The movie will cover Hendrix's life in England from 1966 to 1967 just before he recorded 'Are You Experienced?'.

During this period, Hendrix often played small clubs in New York, where he was discovered by the Linda Keith (Keith Richards' then-girlfriend). Keith introduced him to the Animals' Chas Chandler, who later flew the guitar legend to London to record his iconic debut.

Andre's filming schedule may be one reason he and Big Boi haven't gotten together for another OutKast record in a while, though he insists the duo haven't broken up. “Next year will be 20 years as OutKast, which — I’m still amazed at it," he said. "I’m happy that we’ve been around that long. Happy that we have people that still care about OutKast."

He continued: “There’s a lot of guys that came out around the same time that are not around anymore. So it’s really a blessing. If we do another OutKast album one day, I would be super happy. Because I’ll know that the vibe is right, and we’ll put our all into it. But if we never do another OutKast album, you know, I won’t be sad because we’ve been blessed. We’ve been around.”