T.I. hasn't even dropped his new record yet, but while the world waits to hear 'Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head' when it drops on Dec. 18, he's already moved on to his next record -- a 'Trouble Man' sequel.

"I had so much music, man. I recorded like 120-something songs for this project," he explained to Rap-Up during a recent interview. "I imagined that, you know, if just giving the amount of music that we had left over that we weren't able to put on this project, that we'd do a sequel."

Explaining that the new record will be called 'Trouble Man: He Who Wears the Crown,' he added, "That's the primary reason for the subtitle. That's the purpose of the sequel, so we'll have a platform to display and release these songs."

T.I. went on to discuss some of the collaborations fans can expect to hear on 'Heavy Is the Head,' including 'Guns and Roses,' his duet with Pink. "We found that we had a few things in common," he recalled. "We clicked. She real people, she from the streets. I’m a real cat, I’m from the streets. We found ourselves in rooms where we were like, 'You know what? These people fake as hell in here. Let’s get out of here.'"

Also noteworthy is 'Sorry,' the cut featuring a guest verse from Andre 3000 of OutKast -- a verse so strong that even T.I. had to admit that Andre outshone him on his own track. "He did get down on me on my record, I can’t front," he allowed, laughing. "But to me I’m honored and it’s a pleasure that he would even choose my record to do that on." After Andre thanked T.I. for pushing him to bring his best to the song, he stayed on the high road, responding "That’s real classy of you to say that, but you still s---ted on me on my own record."

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