Perhaps in a bid for the title of Sassiest Spider-Man following Tom Holland's Lip Sync Battle performance, Andrew Garfield has brought his best dance moves and syncing skills to the stage. In London last night (May 30), Garfield channeled Whitney Houston and strutted onstage to "I'm Every Woman" for drag queen revue Werq the World Tour.

Not to be outdone by the most recent iteration of Marvel's famous Queens-boy superhero, Garfield proved that he, too, can rock a bobbed wig and back flip in his choreography. He was cheered on by audience members and the show's other performers who are current and past RuPaul's Drag Race cast members.

Event host Michelle Visage snapped an Instagram pic with Garfield and Laverene Cox, captioning it with "Andrew Garfield, you are my new friend, I am SO proud of you for not just lip syncing Whitney tonight in a wig no less, but for opening your mind and heart to all it has to offer."

Take a look at Garfield's dance moves in the video below, and try not to be so hard on him when comparing it to Holland's out-of-this world Lip Sync Battle performance right after.

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